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f you are a blogger then you should must knowledge about the keyword and SEO. It is very important to do keyword research to bring any blog post or website page to the top of the search engine.

What is Keyword?

Keyword is topic or idea explains what your content your post.This is the search able word for which you want to rank any your posts or pages.If any one search in google search engine then your link or post will be come then called that google search engine keyword.

Search Engine Optimization this process is used by website owners.To help of web page rank this technique is used to rank higher then competitors website to simplify search on search engine.While there are many search engine which you can rank ,including Bing and yahoo,post Internet searches (80%) are done through Google.As a result,the SEO strategies you are crossing are geared towards Google ranking.

Now when you consider some search engines when you decide to index and rank you site,there are some important facts for improve your engine ranking to boots traffic and profits.
Tips And Trick  Important facts for SEO.

  1. First study keyword and select the right keywords.
  2. Every times is keyword in file make and folders.
  3. Select the good Domain that matching of the big website like that more traffic.
  4. Use keyword in your page title.
  5. Always use high quality and link .
  6. Always put link in your post.
  7. Always create a site map.
  8. Use keyword of your Meta description.
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