Calculate Google Adsense Estimated earning page CTR

Today all blogger to earn money through the website.This is big platform earn money through Google Adsense. If we will see that affiliate  marketing and other online service pay more then Adsense. But we choose first Google Adsense because this platform earn money is very trusted and Adsense is like that saving account service.Every month earning money directly transfer in our bank account.If we started the blog everyone thinking one question about earning.How much pay Google Adsens pay all page view and CPC. We shall learn how to calculate Google Adsense estimated earning page CTR.I hope you like this article related to Adsense. Full form of CTR is (click through rate %).

How to calculate Google adsense estimate earning page in CTR?

According to Google Adsense policy is Your website will be 13% more then continuously 3 days.Maybe your website will be suspended policy of Google Adsense.

We will calculate below picture my data board.
Total page View-    709

Click                   -     21

Page CTR         - 2.90% But How?

Calculate CTR?

Google Adsense consider 100 page view for this calculate.

Formula=100/Total page view x Click

               100/709*21= 2.96%

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