Which one is best in Blogging and YouTube for Online Earning

We all know about the Blog and YouTube for online earning money.There is famous trading in India for Blogging and YouTube .Many people are earning money from Google Adsense. YouTube is a platform that you can get the show your talent.If your video will be ranking then start will be earning too much.Who want to earn money through YouTube and Blogging,you have no knowledge about YouTube and blogging.This article is useful for us.


If you start the write the blogging then what you do that.I have written in the blow point.

Blogging is some cost compare to YouTube.
  1. First you purchase to Domain and Hosting.
  2. If you have no money that you can make create account in blogger free Domain and free Hosting.
  3. Good knowledge about SEO.
  4. It is very important that your writing skills are good,as much write to post unique.
  5. If You want your post will be ranking then should be unique post with SEO.
  6. You have to keep eyes open ,you keep regular on blog post update.
  7. Everyday update the one post minimum.


  1. Must should be one YouTube channel.
  2. You Tube give free of cost in upload video.
  3. You must be aware of video editing to upload video to your YouTube.
  4. first not invest money you can self editing video any much more.
  5. You must be knowledge about SEO.
  6. First should be some invest money
  7. Buy one good quality camera for video recording.
  8. Never upload copyright video in You Tube.
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