How to safe and secure online shopping

Now a days everyone wants to easily shopping, who people maximum spend the in home. Which business is moving from home. Shopping this time is very critical things.So everyone like that online shopping can buy whatever you want at through online.
When I went to market.We have to go to for different goods looking.When while we are shopping online .we have to pick and carry luggage if we have car including petrol amount and we know this is very traffic in market .then waste to time.
But there is a  need for security in online shopping.We know, we know if using credit card or bank card for shopping then my call came from fraud its very important that must should be security.
Today we will see about some important point that you can do shopping online or not,if yes then how?


Now main biggest benefit of shoping inline is that you can choose that case and delivery optipn. Which means that when you come to your home you can pay case according to price.No headaches for detail submit bank information.Many hacker can hack your bank detail this option can is very secure that.So always choose the can on delivery option.


Always choose the real and secure website,do not go any fake website.Top most secure website Amazon,Flip cart, eBay Etc.


If go to government website must should be look .in because government site domain will be .in.


When you are shopping online always use the credit card at the place of Debit card.Because if you are using the credit card then all responsibility that bank.


When you shopping online its should be very carefully that all website asked your email Id,number and name only no more detail fill up.


Online shopping website always kept it strong password that no one else can hack it.


Always online shopping website check company information about and policy.If after got your product and product will be damage that you can change it.Its is very important to know that about company policy.


Never use public WiFi and free Internet.Maybe if you filling your bank detail then some one hack your  all detail

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