How to restore close browser page

Today this times Computer and Laptop is very useful for us.You can find computer the every home,office and all government sector.Without computer and laptop cant work.So i have a article that of you are using and computer and laptop and Laptop.Sometime your open tab file will be close .So today we see how can restore tab page in laptop and computer,Its very easy and very useful for us.

Today we are very good article discus about this.This trick not found in YouTube and internet easily.
Only Two step we can do it trick.


(A)- Open the browser.

(B)- Close the Tab same like that blow picture.


(A)- Press the key button Ctrl+Shift+T" together. 

(B)- We can find close Tab.

Because there are many people do not know about this i did write this article for however all people know this trick.Some one open in important that next time search is very difficult. You can  use this trick and find quickly.

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