How to hide last seen online status in WhatsApp

Today we are discus very interesting topic for you.This time are using the famous application WhatsApp .But i did nit know about the some important trick.Today we learn about how to hide last seen online status in WhatsApp. If you buying new smartphone and you are using the WhatApp then tips and trick is very useful for you.

WhatApp is very most popular androids application this time.Through the WhatsApp stay connect with our friend ,family and with Group.
WhatsApp was created by Brian Acton and jan koum. Both former employer of Yahoo.Both left the job in since 2007.Main Interesting that after left the job he apply in Facebook but in rejected. it was launch 24 february 2009.But after some years he take handover Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

When some your friends and family member seen your last seen online at midnight then may be its problem.If you want can not share with anyone.

We can learn step by step follow this one


Open your WhatsApp messenger account first.


After you open WhtsApp you will see three dots on the right side and tap on it.


After that you seen the option of setting click on it.


After setting is open you will seen the 1st option account click on it.


Now after that there will be an option privacy click on it.


After privacy you will open a new page in which you will seen last click on it

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