How to earn money through WhatsApp

We have been engaged in the phone all daylong ever since YouTube ,This time always use WhatsApp,Facebook.So ever this moment is social media is our life of part.But all these things are the only way to get of the loss of time.We have a lot of benefit from WhatApp,Because this time through the whtsapp audio call,chat send to video audio image many more.Its can be easily everyday can be earn money through whtsApp.

Now this days we given the time too much.But have you ever through that without spoil time on WhatsApp through out of day can be earning in this same Whatsapp.For this you will not have to go anywhere .You can stay at home and do this work.First of all know about WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is messaging application .It is used to catting most of you.This is used to catting most of you can done video call and audio call any many more function.Which can be run through the Internet,without the internet can not be use this application.

1) Affiliate Markting

This method of earning money from Whatsap through.Its is very easy and nice way to earn money by making a lot of money.But its facts that you have to do work hard without hard can not do it.We can earn money through Affiliate marketing by selling a company's product like that name of Amazon,Flip cart,Snap deal, E bay many more.This all top company have a very honesty,All these company commission to sell their product.You can make crate a account according to company rule and shearing all WhatsApp group.You can share link in the whatsApp group.If any one buy the product your link ,You can make commission every product.

2) Linking Shortening Service Through

This method is very best way for earning money through WhatsApp. This time is very popular shortlisting link and share it with you in WhatApp.
There are many viral Link for Short-


# Linkshrink.Net


# Short.Am

You can search this website in Internet.When any one your shorten the link link then you can get commission get it.

3)Promoting Application through

You can earn money through promoting .Its can't directly earn money.But you can get free money through Recharge,Paytm money.This is 

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