How to create free Website through Blogg

We all want that earn money through internet.You can earn lot of money.If you have good knowledge anythings.You need a website or blog that be your platform.You can own post in website.You must haired that about earn money from internet but it is true you can really earn money through internet.

You can earn money by through a website or blog for free.If you are new in maker website you have no knowledge about blog website .We can earn learn step by step point.

Most popular site have the create website.


  1. Open any browser in your computer,smartphone or laptop such as Google chrome and type it at
  2. If you have already Gmail account You can signup directly or otherwise you crate a Gmail account.
  3. Now if you can logging ,you can see an option left side click on "New blog". 
  4. In the title have to type the name of your blog.
  5. And set the template.
      6. Then your blog will look similar design you choose.                                                                       If you have any problem,you can watch this video.

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