How can use Multiple Gmail account in one mobile.

You know mostly use email this day.There was a time when all people used  letter through Post office.But this procedure is very long and take a time too much.When i received a letter and send to answer which took a lot of time.That was good for those time.But this time post office latter is very down.
But today part of digital communication that Google product is Gmail.This time we can send massage officially and unofficial one location to another location all over world within one second.This time communication network is very high speed.We can use google product gmail is free.We can created unlimited account from Gmail.
Today topic is how can use multiple Gmail account in one mobile.We will see step by step.


      * Go to Play store and download Gmail Account

      *Open the Gmail Account like that below in Picture

  • Step-2

  • Click the "Add another account"


*If you have already Gmail account then directly putted.

*If does not have Gmail account then,you can make new one gmail Id.


*You can consider new account or Existing account.

*after Putted in Gmail Id.

*Same like that below the Picture.

*Then click Sign Right below corner.


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