How to make watch time 4000 hr and 1000 subscriber

YouTube before 2 years very popular in time.In YouTube announcement new update 16 January 2016 for all existing create. You know many YouTube create. Because YouTube provide free of cost crating and hosting.I am talking which YouTube,who making video,Thumbnail and same content uploaded. For that YouTube has come up with a big update.But professional YouTube have a good update.Which creators who upload good content and making career has become very easy.
YouTube new updated have watch time of 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscriber.This is difficult for fake creators YouTuber. But professional You Tuber has very easy task.We can make earn money through Youtube ,when must should be monetization. Maybe its can be too much time for approval monetization. We know YouTube payout earn Adsense is $100.I think must should be minimum view of channel approx million.

How to make watch time Increases

  • Video must should be Unique.
  • Upload video continuously.
  • Daily maximum video upload but some important that video must be unique and different.
  • We try to upload long video.
  • video quality should be good so that people can see it well.
  • You must have full knowledge about SEO.
  • Do not use any video copyright.

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