YouTube or Blogging,Which one is the Best Option

YouTube Or Blogging,Which one is the Best Option

There are two ways to make earn money from YouTube and Blogging.Today we see all people are around of Internet.All People are confusing this time for related the Blogging and YouTube. Which one the best option for You?

Similarity between YouTube and Blogging!!

1-Main things of Blogger and YouTube

Both you need the original content.Your Image should be clear and quality.In blogging Your contain should be communication good.people will be able to read your article on your blog,and in Your YouTube video should be high quality then able to watch your video.

All of you must know article for blog and video for YouTube both are hard and well researched.Now you see what work you can do well?If you start the work you can camera that which one you can do this work easily.

2-Should be need some small investment

Both are free to start .You can created a free blog on Blogger and you can also upload a video to YouTube by recording video from Mobile.But if You want professionalism then you need a self  Hosted and Domain for WordPress. For YouTube channel should be great camera,mic  camera stand.

3-Learning and Focus 

Both have to lean too much.Both things need to be right knowledge of things.You are writing a article first you search more topic .There is no use for createing irrelevant video.So you have to learn things first by doing proper research on the Internet.

4-Both you have to do give more time

Creating content takes a lot of time  and effort too,whatever it is article or video.You need proper research and planning fro great articles,which takes a lot of time and too much effort.

5-Both gives Result after long times

Remember that one things both things will take a more time,both things will be take time.Blog and YouTube channels can take 6 months to 1 years to give you get good result.

If you have a regular new content on your blog whose searches are good, on publishing it,along with the appropriate SEO.
If you continue to publish quality video with SEO.


1-First create the account Through Gmail.

2-YouTube gives as a free hosting.

3-if make some professional Video ,you can investment some money.

4-YouTube gives as earn money less then the blogger.

5-Google Adsense only option have a advertising.

6-YouTube is a great option to promote affiliate links .In this you can add affiliate links above video comments or in description.


1-Firstly create can account free.

2-In self Hosted blogs ,you have to pay for hosting and domain expenses.

3-You should be some spend on themes,services or plugins etc to add great functionalities to      your blog.

4-You must should be technical knowledge to implement great and advances features.

5-There is a lot of option to earn money comparatively on YouTube in blogging.

6-Many option of the advertisement.

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