Live count down YouTube T-series or PewDiePie

Today's time everyone uses YouTube to show their people talent in YouTube YouTube has millions of visitor who look at he videos much as YouTube channel. This time many YouTuber earn money through video to Ad.You know if famous channel earning million money.some famous channel are T- Series or PewDiePie. This is world top channel this time.We can see real live count down in YouTube Subscriber and,count video and earning money.

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T-Series or PewDiePie


1) T-Series is most famous company in the India label movie and musical studio.
2) Its start YouTube channel since 2006.
3) Everyday upload the Bollywood music in YouTube.
4) This is first channel in the world very fasted grow it.
5) Today total subscriber 87+ crore.
6) t-series is the started business in film industrial founded in 1983 by Gulshan Kumar.


1) PewDiePie is most also famous in the world
2) This channel founded 28 years old from Swedish.
3) Channel is comedian video game commentator.
4) Today total subscriber 87+ crore.

You can watch live count down in this blow video.
Click this Link below:-
T-Series or PewDiePie

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